Expert Author Susan Leigh
Sometimes we rush from one activity to the next, feeling compelled to give everything we do 100% effort. It is important to invest fully in what we do but sometimes doing a little less gives us the opportunity to enjoy it all the more.
Think about Christmas or Thanksgiving with all that turkey. We can end up eating turkey for days, in curry, salad, pie and often would be happy to never see turkey again after having gorged on a surfeit of it. Or growing our own apples can mean that in season we have apple with everything, from breakfast to dinner as well as in-between. It is often more productive to freeze some of the apples or make pies, strudels and sauces that will be enjoyed throughout the year rather than feel the need to eat them all at once. Pacing ourselves and having less but over a longer period makes it more enjoyable and appreciated.
Let's look at other areas where doing a little less ensures that we enjoy it more.
- Exercise. We can keep on doing what we have always done, increasing the weights, attending more classes, setting ourselves tougher challenges. The problem is that the thought of exercise can become unpleasant and something that we dread or don't enjoy. Instead of doing a ten-mile walk why not go for half the distance and enjoy having a pub lunch en route sometimes. Challenges are important to have as goals, but enjoying what we do is more important.
- Socializing. Some people are out every night. They have a busy social life, dining out, partying and generally being seen around. It is often great fun, but over time all the nights can begin to blur into each other and become less enjoyable. Boredom and nonchalance can set in. Theatre and concert visits can be a pleasant commitment but some people attend that many shows that they can't remember what they have seen. They miss out on recalling with affection the different nights. Sometimes taking time to dress up for an occasional evening out can be far more enjoyable. It becomes more of a special event and can be treasured as a result.
- Networking is often done with enthusiasm, especially by people new in business. They want to meet everyone, introduce themselves everywhere. It is often more effective to take it at a slightly slower pace, and take the time to cultivate proper relationships with the relevant people met at each event. Following up from meetings by having coffees and regular catch-ups is more effective that rushing from one network meeting to the next. Proper relationships are more likely to be developed by taking the time to get to know, like and trust people. Nurturing good relationships is the key to success in business.
- Treats are great fun. But a treat is only a treat when it is an occasional indulgence. Chocolate is the classic treat. Good quality chocolate savoured and enjoyed is a lovely pleasure at times. Eat too much and it is bad for us. Having less chocolate can mean that when we do indulge we enjoy it all the more.
And that is the key to satisfaction and enjoyment. Pacing ourselves, giving ourselves challenges at times, but being aware of doing things at a comfortable pace enables us to commit to what we do, enjoy it and get the most out of each experience. It is a most positive way to live, doing less but enjoying it more.