The Great Things About Having a Job

Expert Author Susan Leigh
Many of us spend our time looking forward to the next phase in our life. As a child we want to move from junior to senior school, then onto college or university. When we start dating many of us look forward to settling down with a partner, then perhaps having babies. Once children are born people often say 'won't it be great when they're grown up and off your hands?' We can live our whole lives looking beyond the present at the next stage to come.
People often enjoy the prospect of getting a job, working and building a career but once they are in that position often start reflecting on holidays, retirement or being able to give up work. But there are many great things about having a job:
- It provides something useful to do with our time. A reason to get up each day is an important motivator. Having to get up at a regular time, shower, get dressed smartly provides us with purpose and definition to our days. We have an important reason to keep regular hours, go to bed at a reasonable time, dress neatly, look after our hair and clothes. All these are important aspects of personal care whose importance is reinforced when someone is paying us for our time.
- Status and recognition. Many people define themselves through their job. If you ask someone to talk about themselves they would often start with their job. Learning about a person's job can give a lot of information about the type of person they are and where they are in their lives. Initial views are formed from determining whether they are a professional or business person, the type of work they do, how they present themselves. These opinions may be modified as we get to know the person more. But status and recognition often come with certain types of jobs.
- A role in life. A job, whether it be full-time or part-time, volunteer work or self-employed all provide an important role in life. We have the responsibilities that come with the job and have to achieve something useful, valuable, worthwhile to justify our position. And this in itself provides its own relevance, fulfillment and satisfaction.
- Friends, connections. Many people meet their partner at work so it is a good place to make important introductions. We spend more time at work than anywhere else so socializing and making friends is an important by-product of work. And even if long-term friendships do not develop work is a good distraction from the others areas of life. It provides people to chat with at break times and can be a valuable lifeline at times, giving advice, support and information.
- Develop skills. Many jobs provide training. Technology, systems and processes are used in workplaces and so need to be taught. A person will become proficient in the different aspects of their role. One of the great things is that a job helps to nurture confidence and independent thought.
- Opportunities for advancement. Ambitious people can improve and benefit from being encouraged to advance their position. Reward for effort is an important motivator and can help enthusiastic people to push themselves if they so desire, knowing that they may benefit by being promoted.
- Money and independence. Many people work purely for the money and the freedom that the money brings them. Being able to be independent and self-financing is an important benefit of working.
Working and having a job adds a lot to life. People meet with others, have a purpose to life and achieve results from their efforts. There are many great things about having a job. Being paid for the work may inspire us to turn up, but there is often more to work than just that.
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