The Quick and Easy Way to Tone Up Your Abs - Part 4

Expert Author Marc David
All About Abs - 6 Months of Ab Workouts
Exercises for Variety and Development 24 Weeks of Abs Routines That Won't Be Routine
I'd like to tell you more about abdominals at this point but we've come to the end of the 4 part series and now it's simply time to get onto the workouts.
In short, you've learn about the two key concepts that are required to show off your abs in the first place. You've also discovered why nutrition is the most important part of any ab quest. And you are about to learn the final segment of 6-pack abs by utilizing some of the most important abdominal exercises. Moreover...
You won't be spending countless hours doing the same old boring ab work. This 6 month plan was molded to give you a well rounded routine and keep it interesting and challenging.
Not only will you be able to see your abs, you'll make your entire core stronger and that will translate into a stronger body overall.
So let me ask you...
Why would you ever spend another dime on a program or book when you've got the entire arsenal you need in this series to have professional bodybuilding abdominals? My strong hunch is...
After doing this 6 month program, eating right and lowering your body fat levels, you should be able to send me a personal success story.
Without further noise, let's get to the workouts!
Additional Tips for a Six Pack
Before you begin, it's recommended you understand how each exercise is performed to achieve the maximum results.
Note: * A1 & A2, and following letter pairs reference joined exercises (supersets) One exercise A1 followed immediately without rest by A2.
Note: 4-point tempo explained:
2010 tempo =
2 = negative/eccentric action
0 = pause in stretch position
1 = positive/concentric action
0 = pause in contracted position
* You can substitute a crunch for a double crunch if you want the overall exercise to be more difficult.
* By doing a variety of movements, you are targeting all the areas of the midsection. Using bodyweight is usually preferred over heavy weights that tend to build up and thicken the midsection.
* Rep ranges in this program are suggested. Go for 'perceived' exertion. If you can do more, do more. Judge a set by how you feel not how many reps you do.
* Keep the tension on the abdominals at all times.
The Ripped Abdominal Workout Series
Week 1-2
Exercise: A1 - Decline Reverse Crunch & A2 - Crunches
Sets: 3
Reps: 15
Tempo: 2010
Rest Period: 30 seconds
Exercise B1 - Oblique Crunch
Sets: 2
Reps: 15
Tempo: l & r 2010
Rest Period: 60 seconds
Week 3-4
Exercise: A1 - Alternate Heel Touches
Sets: 3
Reps: 15-20
Tempo: 2010
Rest Period: 30 seconds
Exercise B1 - Ab Wheel
Sets: 3
Reps: 10
Tempo: 3010
Rest Period: 60 seconds
Exercise: C1 - Seated Plate Twists
Sets: 3
Reps: 12
Tempo: 2020
Rest Period: 30 seconds
Exercise D1 - Cable Crunch
Sets: 2
Reps: 15
Tempo: l & r 2110
Rest Period: 60 seconds
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