Chiropractic Marketing On Facebook: Still a Great Marketing Tool If Used Correctly

Expert Author Cindi Albright
I'm in a funk over some things I've stumbled upon lately. There have been some pretty unkind comments suggesting that Facebook is not working for businesses. I've also read quotes like; "Facebook is boring" "it's doesn't perform correctly" "I never get any recognizable gain from Facebook". I've even read that Facebook was on its way out the door, joining MySpace in the social media graveyard. Some say that in light of the newest star, Google +1 will outperform Facebook. This may be true some months down the road, but right now from where I'm sitting, Google +1 will suffer the same onslaught of insults from the same people who find Facebook an area of irritation in their feeble marketing attempts. Not because there will be something bigger and better, but because the same people who whine about the ineptness of Facebook will be the same ones who complain that G+1 doesn't work for them either.
It's simple...those who are complaining the most about Facebook are the same ones who do nothing to create a place and build a reputation for themselves on Facebook. They've not carved out a comfortable place to curl up and engage themselves in stimulating banter with their friends. They have not used the simple marketing tools Facebook offers to everyone. These tools by the way are free, they cost nothing to use. Not only are these tools not used but for those who have attempted to go the extra mile and create a fan page; very few do anything with it once it is launched.
"I don't have time to mess with it" is the most popular excuse. I beg to argue with you. Here's how I can say that and not eat my words. If you had time to implement some of the free tools on Facebook already then you should have time finish what you started. But the problem is that many of these people have totally missed the some crucial steps. Steps that only take a few minutes to correct.
Since I work in the field of marketing for chiropractors, I decided to prove that more chiropractors could utilize Facebook as a chiropractic marketing tool with just a few minor adjustments (no pun intended) and a little bit of good old fashion advertising.
I did some research just to prove my point. I did a random search on Facebook of ten cities and added the word chiropractor after the name of the city. When I found the name of a chiropractor, I looked at their profile page. Not all of my searches came up with a profile page; some went straight to a fan page, two out of ten to be honest. That's great; however from their fan page could I find their website? And if I could, would I find a Facebook link back to their fan page? The numbers were low; still only two out of ten; but I better mention that of those two, neither had any recent postings; which was not good, because both of these chiropractor's websites had a blog or articles that could have easily been linked back to their fan pages for some great status updates.
If I did happen to find a chiropractor's profile page by simply typing in a city and adding the word "chiropractor" to the end of it, what I found proved my point. Even if I wasn't a friend I could still see their name at the top of the page and below the name was their occupation. Many had filled this out and it linked to a page, but only what I call the dummy page. It didn't link to a fan page. This dummy page is a page that takes a prospective patient to a dead end; leaving them no better off in their quest to find a chiropractor located near them in their community.
It occurred to me that if employers are looking up applicant's Facebook profiles to find out what type of person they are and if they might be a good fit for their company, then why on earth would a business person not have their pages in order? It's beyond my understanding. It's a fact; more and more people are using Facebook to find people and businesses. Are you missing the boat because you're not on Facebook? If so, does your profile page link to your fan page? If not, at least can a prospective patient find your website via your profile page?
You see Facebook does work for chiropractic marketing but a chiropractor must first be on Facebook and second they need to have their information linked properly and they need to make sure the patient can find out where they are located and a phone number, even if it's just a profile page, but especially if it's a fan page. And for goodness sakes if you have a fan page for your practice, have it properly linked from you profile page so it can be found.
Maybe I'm just being negative. There are a ton of chiropractors who can be found on Facebook with nice up to date statuses, linkage out the wahzoo, but their numbers are low. First of all, numbers as far as fan page fans aren't the end all. But here's a tip on how to build up a healthy fan base from in and around your community, I mean that's really who you're targeting right, prospective patients from the community where your practice is located?
I mentioned good old fashion advertising earlier and that's where it's at. On a sheet of printer paper, print out your practices logo, if you don't have a logo, just place your practice name on the paper in nice big font, find, copy and paste any one of the hundred free Facebook logos on the page under your logo, then simply type in your call to action; "Find & Like Us on Facebook". You can provide the link but if your company name is reflected on the fan page it should be easy to find. Place the paper in a frame and sit it in the waiting area or display it from your front desk area. Do you know how many people use their smart phones during their short wait to see their chiropractor? It won't take long for the numbers to climb especially if you use that page to educate and communicate with your patients.
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